Sunday menu

Breakfast (served all day long)

The Mad Hatter only uses free-range eggs

The Top Hat:                                     £5.60
Sausage, two bacon, black pudding, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans.
Includes toast, juice and tea or coffee.

The Flat Cap:                                     £4.60
Sausage, bacon, egg, mushrooms and beans.
Includes toast and tea or coffee.

The Straw Boater:                      £4.60
Egg, bubble and squeak, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans.
Includes toast and tea or coffee.

Dippy eggs and soldiers            £3.20
Poached eggs on toast             £3.20
Scrambled eggs on toast          £3.20

Toast and such
Round of toast                        £1.50
Toasted teacake                      £1.50

Bacon                                     £2.90
Bacon and egg                        £3.30
Sausage                                 £2.80

Beau-ootiful soo-oop
Soup of the day with crusty bread        £3.60

Sunday lunch
A selection of Sunday lunches, each served with Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables, roast potatoes and gravy.

Please see our blackboard for roasts of the day.

Traditional Sunday lunch  from   £6.50

Vegetarian Sunday lunch           £4.50

Child’s Sunday lunch                         £4.50

Baby dinner                             £2.00


Today’s specials

Please see our blackboard.














Home cooked ham                   £4.70

Mature farmhouse cheddar                 £4.60

Free range egg mayonnaise               £4.50

Coronation chicken                   £4.70

Tuna mayonnaise                    £4.60

Prawns and Marie-Rose sauce    £4.80

…all served with chips or salad


Bowl of home made chips                  £2.50



Home cooked ham                   £6.50

Cheese ploughman’s                         £6.80

Tuna and red onion                           £6.50

Mediterranean                         £6.50

Warm chicken and bacon          £6.50

Seafood platter                        £6.80


Jacket potatoes

Plain with butter                       £4.70

with coleslaw                            £5.00

with beans                              £5.00

with cheese                             £5.30

with cheese and beans             £5.50

with tuna                                 £5.30

with coronation chicken             £5.50

with prawns and Marie-Rose sauce      £5.60

…all served with salad and coleslaw


Afternoon tea                              £7.50

A choice of sandwich, a clotted cream

scone and a cake with a pot of tea


Cakes and desserts

Please see our “Sweet Things” blackboard.

All of our cakes & desserts are home made by us.


Ice cream

Chocolate nut sundae               £3.00

Choice of ice creams with chocolate

sauce or “monkey’s blood”                 £2.50

Ice cream float                        £2.10


Children’s menu

Roast dinner                                    £4.50

Baby dinner                             £2.00

Ham, egg and chips                          £3.50

Fish fingers, chips & peas or beans     £3.50

Bangers and mash with peas     £3.50

Sandwich, crisps and a cake               £3.50

…all served with a drink

Child’s ice cream                      £1.90